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Do you want to learn to read well, write imaginatively, improve grammar or spelling, or develop that essay writing?  We have been helping students achieve these skills for 30 years and also prepare them for those special exams such as O.C., Selective School, Naplan and H.S.C.  Advanced English up to 'A' level Cambridge are also catered for. 


This program which lasts for the usual 45 minutes is devoted to half maths and half English. They learn to write in their Phonics Book, begin to read orally, learn basic grammar and spelling and do assisted comprehension.  

Years 3 and 4: 

Comprehension suitable for OC training together with oral reading, grammar and spelling is continued. A General ability page is included with homework as well as a daily exercise in the use of grammar and fundamental writing. Additionally they learn to write persuasive texts linked to their comprehension.

Years 7 and 8:  

The year starts with a speed reading course, which includes comprehension. The basics of poetry and prose are introduced and analysis and criticism are commenced. This series is a great vocabulary developer. Grammar is still maintained.

Years 1 and 2: 

They continue with writing in their Phonics Book, and further oral reading, grammar and spelling. More advanced comprehension is developed. Puzzles are included in their homework. 

Years 5 and 6:

Here, grammar and comprehension are taken to a higher level. Reading and spelling are continued if required. The main focus is on development of various genres of writing, including a lesson in Publisher and Power Point. 

Years 9 and 10: 

Essay writing is now a major feature, together with the analysis of the elements of style. This part of the course introduces many well known writers and imparts a love of reading.

Years 11 and 12: 

The focus is now on the impending H.S.C. and includes materials pertaining to the question types in the H.S.C. Aspects of prose, poetry and drama are studied and for those who want to go further, material from the Cambridge A Level English. Most importantly, the chosen texts for the H.S.C. are rigorously analysed.

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