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For ages 3-4.This is that program that every preschooler's family has been waiting for. 

Do you want to learn to read well, write imaginatively, improve grammar or spelling, or develop that essay writing?  We have been helping students achieve these skills for 30 years and also prepare them for those special exams such as O.C., Selective School, Naplan and H.S.C.   We cater for teaching up to 'A' level Cambridge English.  

Physics | Chemistry | Biology

We have the maths program to turn you into ‘a lover of maths’. For all students and all ages, we cover maths from Kindergarten to Extension H.S.C. Our preparation for those special exams such as O.C., Selective School, Naplan and H.S.C. achieve high results.

Much has been said lately about the STEM subjects, that is, (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). It is said that these subjects will be necessary for 75% of the future work force which means that if you want to safeguard your future, these subjects should be taken into consideration.

Engineering | Design & Technology 

Coding | Robotics

Here is another facet of the STEM subjects, as a reminder, (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Technology has taken off at great speed and a lot of learning is needed to catch up. Did you know we are now registered under the N.S.W. Government's Creative Children's scheme for Coding. This means you can apply for a $100 voucher

to get you started.