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L Potts

“I have no hesitation in recommending ATOP Education to parents who have concerns about their child’s education. Prior to starting with Beryl Novice and Djuang, our son was very negative towards maths. He would delay doing his homework because he simply didn’t understand it and his frustration created an atmosphere fraught with anxiety at home work time. Yet after only six weeks at ATOP, he came first in a class test in algebra, which prompted his teacher to ask “Is this the same boy?” His confidence has grown so much that he believes that with work, he could be promoted to a higher maths class. This great result is due to his time at ATOP. It is a place that has a comfortable, uncritical environment that our son is happy to attend."

K Thakker

"We would like to thank Mrs Novice for helping Jay in English and Maths since he was in kindergarten last year. His phonics , reading, spelling, numbers have improved a lot. Jay is in the top group of his class now. We are also happy with the well trained teachers and flexibility in time. We are very satisfied with ATOP education centre.  Thank you for your support ."

Silvana Franze, Fifth Ave Katoomba Retreat, Katoomba and Member of NSW Business Chamber

"I have known Beryl Novice for a couple of years through our networking events. Specifically I have gotten to know Beryl at our Croydon Park Business Chamber events, where I have been Secretary for a number of years, and ran the Experience Croydon Park! Festival in 2014. I recently enrolled my daughter into Beryl’s tuition classes at ATOP Education. In about 8 lessons of 45 minutes duration, my daughter who is currently in Year 6 at school, is now doing extension maths in class and also doing Year 7 maths. Her teacher is delighted, as are we.  This is testament to Beryl’s philosophy at ATOP Education.  My daughter enjoys going to the tuition classes and we are happy that she is finally being challenged, rather than doing, what seemed to me, easy work at school. I would highly recommend Beryl Novice and ATOP Education."

K Thakker

"Saara has been a student at ATOP Education for over a year now for English and Maths. There has been a high level of improvement since we started. The teaching methods have helped her in school and also with year 5 Naplan tests.
Thank you Mrs Novice, we are very satisfied and happy with your classes."

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